Bellettini Hotel a Milano Marittima


Good morning, our names are Eva and Oksana, please sit wherever you like!
A real energy refill, with lots of fresh products.
Breakfast is served in the bright, relaxing setting of the open-air terrace out in the garden, and inside in the breakfast room.

We provide a buffet of fresh fruit, filled focaccia, eggs, and delicious pancakes freshly prepared by our Maitre. Our jams are made from high quality, organic ingredients, and the yoghurts and cereals are the very best brands.
Our freshly squeezed juices are also organic and the sliced cheeses and meats are all locally produced.

Delightful colours, flavours and aromas… coffee, fruit, chocolate, vanilla, orange, hazel nuts, icing sugar, jam, butter… a buffet of fresh, warm bread and a special corner for those with food intolerances.  There are so many things here to refresh and restore you, leaving you with very happy memories and a great desire to return.
Our pastry-cook, Oksana, carefully prepares a range of delicacies every day: delicious biscuits, pastries, tarts, cakes, croissants and doughnuts, all made from local ingredients.
This is because Romagna is a generous land and provides us with lots of excellent raw ingredients. Do you want to know when this all begins?
As soon as you wake up!