Bellettini Hotel


I have a child, are you equipped for this?
The Bellettini Hotel and the Bellettini Family have 3 children and 5 grandchildren of their own, and specialise in welcoming children, even the very young. Our kitchen uses fresh ingredients to prepare special soups, purées and baby food every day. Also, the day always starts well, with fresh milk each morning.
In the dining-room: flexible mealtimes, high-chairs, bibs, and microwaves available in a special corner. In the room: cribs and cots complete with bed linen, safety bars, changing-mats and baby-baths.

Should I bring baby food with me?

We provide everything for our young guests, from the newly-weaned onwards: vegetable broths and purées, baby cereals and soups.

I am coeliac. What are your provisions?

You will find gluten-free breakfast food and pasta at our Hotel. We are also on hand to help you and will prepare food to suit your needs.

What’s the menu like?

We offer a choice of 4 first and 4 second courses, plus a list of off-menu dishes.
Table service is directed by Maître Antonio and is à la carte. Fish is served at lunch and dinner daily.
Hors d’oeuvres and fresh seasonal vegetables are provided on the buffet.

Is breakfast served on a buffet? Is it included in the price of the room?

Breakfast is always included in the price. Pastries, biscuits and cakes are prepared by our pastry-cook. We also have an organic “light corner”, seasonal fruit, and sliced meat and cheese. The breakfast room consists of inside and outside areas.

What time are meals served?

Breakfast begins at 7:30. Lunch service from 12:30 to 14:00. You can also have lunch on the beach up to 15:30 with a choice of cold dishes, sandwiches and filled piadine, and a selection of hot dishes available until 14:00. Dinner service from 19:30 to 21:00.

Where can I park my car?

We provide a free, private internal car-park, with limited spaces, There are also public parking spaces along the road, and an underground garage (payable).
If you want to use the garage, we advise you to contact us for help with getting in and out.

What’s the password for accessing the internet?

Wi-Fi internet access is free and doesn’t require a password. Just select the network for the Bellettini Hotel. There’s coverage throughout the hotel!

Do I need to tell you if I’m going to be back late?

No problem, we’re here 24/7.

Do you have rooms with disabled access?

The Bellettini Hotel has two large Deluxe rooms with bathrooms with special showers (but not with handles).
SOME INFO AND MEASUREMENTS: the hotel and all its facilities can be accessed by wheelchair users. The lift door is 80 cm wide and 1.14 m deep. The entrance door to the bedroom is 80 cm wide. A small step leads up to the bathroom.
The maximum width of the bathroom entrance is 66 cm. The client is advised to carry out a preliminary inspection.

Is your pool heated?

Yes, but the temperature may be influenced by weather conditions.

If I come on holiday by train or plane, how can I get to your hotel?

No problem, you just need to tell us what time you’ll be arriving and provide some details about your train or flight, and we’ll organise a free pick-up service for you. The service is only valid to/from Bologna and Rimini Airport or to/from Ravenna, Rimini, Cervia and Cesena train stations.

How do you arrange your organised activities?

Qui al Bellettini Hotel c'è Francesca laureata al DAMS di Bologna.
Every afternoon in the beach our animator organises construction and invention workshops, and team games involving strategy and movement. After meal-times, on the other hand, she’ll be waiting for you in the children’s area near the bar.
Every week, there are evening shows with conjurors, jugglers and story-tellers.

I saw a children’s area near the bar, how can I make use of that?

You are free to access this little area with your child at any time, and use all the materials provided.

How does the baby-sitting service operate?

This service is payable and by request. Just ask at the reception desk.

Do you take pets?

Small pets are welcome at the Bellettini Hotel, if you follow a few simple rules. Your pet can be taken to your room, the breakfast terrace or the hall, but is not allowed near the buffet or any places where food is present. Pets are not permitted in the restaurant, near the pool, in the wellness area or on the beach.
You can ask for special beach towels, hand towels and sheets.
If your room needs extra cleaning by one of our maids, please ask at reception. Please keep your dog on the lead.

Do you have a dog-sitter service? How does it work?

Paolo is our trusted dog sitter. You can use this service during your stay in order to spend a few hours with your dog and improve your relationship with him, thanks to some excellent advice from a kennel club instructor. Alternatively, if you want a bit of free time, you can entrust your dog to Paolo with complete peace of mind.

I need to wash some clothes, how can I do this?

Is it possible just to get some of them ironed? Behind the wardrobe in your room, you’ll find a white bag especially for laundry service. Just put your clothes in there, and write your room number and the service you require on the front of the bag.

Is there a Golf Club in Milano Marittima?

The Adriatic Golf Club Cervia is just 3 minutes away from our hotel. Mr Bellettini is one of the founding fathers of the club, and so we can offer excellent terms for the green fee. There’s a store-room in the hotel where you can keep your golf bag, and we can help you book a course throughout the Emilia Romagna circuit.

Where can I find a gym that has special arrangements with the hotel?

All our guests have free entry to the weight-lifting room at the FBI Gym in Milano Marittima, and to various activities. It’s by the first intersection, close to the Golf Club. You can walk there, following a pleasant path through the pine-woods, or cycle there in just 3 minutes. To access the gym, you need one of our fully completed tickets.

I’d like to play tennis, but I don’t have a partner!

No problem, dear guest! We can provide you with a ball machine and also with a tennis coach, who can arrange lessons for both adults and children.

I’m on holiday, but I’d like to arrange some extra tutoring for my son who has had problems over the year with certain subjects. What can I do?

The Bellettini Hotel knows a team of teachers with whom we have collaborated over many years, and they can help your son with any subject from school to university level: Maths, Latin, Italian, English, German, Spanish, Russian, etc. This service can also be used by adults, who, for reasons of work or personal interest, would like to improve their knowledge of a foreign language.

How can I get hold of some loungers and an umbrella?

Just go to the beach bar and hand over your booking coupon.

How can I get some beach towels?

You’ll find clean beach towels at the beach bar. To get your towels, just give Rosella the coloured tickets you received at Reception. When the towels are dirty, you can hand them in at Reception and they will issue you with new tickets to use the next day.

What times are meals served on the beach?

You can have lunch on the beach up until 15:30, with a selection of cold dishes, sandwiches and filled piadine. Various hot dishes are available until 14:00.

What time does the wellness area open?

It’s open every day from 13:30 to 20:30.

Do I have to book in advance for this?

As the wellness area is only small-medium sized, it’s advisable to book by calling extension 606. In this way, we can manage a good balance between people and space.

How do I get to the wellness area?

There are 3 ways. The first is to take the viewing lift to the 1st floor, walk through the pool area and climb the last 4 steps towards the exit.
The second is to climb up the outside staircase in the garden area.
The third is to go up to the first floor from the bar area, and it’s immediately on your right.

I came away on holiday in a rush, and I didn’t have time for a depilation treatment. What can I do?

Go to the wellness area and you’ll find Paola, our beautician. She’s an expert in nail varnishing and reconstruction, gelish and waxing.

What about massages?

We call our massages “Rituals”, because they really are rituals for your body. Elisa is our expert here. Her favourite words are energy, re-balancing and profound wellbeing.