Bellettini Hotel


Welcome everyone, my name is Rossella and I take personal care of your beach, making sure you can enjoy relaxation, wellness and fun, every day from morning till evening.
There’s that pleasure at the beginning of the day, when the sun is just comfortably warm, the light creates little diamonds on the water and the silence is almost unreal. A freshly squeezed juice, warm bread with jam and a sweet coffee to finish, and then my work begins!

The morning is the best time for me... Slowly, the first guests start to arrive and the usual ritual begins: giving each person a clean, sweet-smelling beach-towel, still nice and warm for those who are not fully awake, a quick peek at the papers just to stay in touch, and everyone turns left or right towards his lounger, to stretch out and sunbathe, or to drowse off to the sound of the waves. Then it’s time for a walk, and the beach comes alive with the sound of happy, relaxed people. For those who like strolling by the water’s edge, a lovely thing to do is to walk along to our little canal and the statue of the Madonnina del Mare, or even as far as the Port of Cervia, 3.5 Km away. It’s good to have a walk and take some exercise, because when you get back you can have a nice aperitif before lunch on the beach!

One of our special gems is the "Spiaggia 297" restaurant, right on the sands. We tend to dress up for dinner, but a sarong and a pair of flip-flops is fine for lunchtime, plus a desire to sample one of the many dishes lovingly prepared every day. Salads, sandwiches, first courses: in fact a wide menu, designed to satisfy those who can’t do without a nice plate of spaghetti alle vongole. Or else, you can wait till Sunday and enjoy the traditional lasagna romagnola! For those who just want a light meal, there are lovely fresh salads, accompanied, of course, by piadina bread and squacquerane cheese! But above all, “Spiaggia 297” offers you the freedom to stay on the beach as long as you like, thanks to its flexible opening hours.

In the evening, the colours of the sunset are truly memorable, and you’ll certainly want to stay on the beach to enjoy an aperitif with friends. On Wednesdays, the beach bar stays open late and provides the perfect location for a very entertaining musical evening. One event which is very popular with guests, and also one of my favourites, is the night of San Lorenzo when the whole beach is turned into an open-air restaurant and everyone is looking up towards the stars. And what about the children? Every day, there’s lots of fun for big and small with our very own Francesca!


Hi everyone!
Our animator is ready to greet you with lots of fun and new, creative ideas to stimulate all ages.
We organise a huge range of original activities, and this is why we can honestly claim that what we offer is much more than just children’s entertainment.
Our hotel is not strictly speaking a ”family hotel”, but young and old alike can really have a lot of fun. With 5 children of their own, the Bellettini family understand your needs only too well!

As usual, our activities take place both on the beach and in the hotel. 
On the beach, we all have fun together with our new construction and invention workshops, and playing exciting team games involving strategy and movement. Then there’s the chance for our young chefs to learn one of our traditional recipes. Later on, at the hotel, while mum and dad are having dinner, we’ll keep you company with a suitcase full of wonderful ideas.
... And finally, when the sky is full of stars, you can all look up and enjoy the company of our conjurors, jugglers and story-tellers!