Bellettini Hotel


“The ghost suitcase”
The guest arrived… but her suitcase didn’t!
What’s to be done if this guest is a singer with a series of performances all arranged at the Convention Centre, and lots of fans expecting her? What is she going to wear? Quick as a flash, her “suitcase” was refilled: she was taken to Cervia to do some shopping. The concert was amazing, with lots of applause and a fantastic party!

"The magic tailors"

One of our dear clients bought two beautiful dresses for his daughters at a very chic boutique in Milano Marittima. They were for a wedding due to take place the day after their departure.
The timing was tight, and there was nothing wrong with that, except the dresses needed a few alterations...
Fortunately, however, Benedetta came to the rescue: she called her mother and a friend, both of them dressmakers, and they arrived with their bags, tape measures, scissors, needle and thread, and plenty of good humour. Up to the suite they went to take all the measurements and, abracadabra, the next day the dresses were all ready for the wedding: the sort of magic that only happens at the Bellettini Hotel...

"When the snoring proved the last straw"

The wife really needed a good night’s sleep, but the husband snored! She was so desperate she wanted to go home, and unfortunately there were no single rooms available. The only solution was to put the husband’s bed out on the big balcony.
No sooner said than done! Wife slept, holiday saved, husband snored on the balcony, happy as a king!

"A night in the Wellness Centre"

Only they can claim to have slept here! When this charming German family returned, without a booking, there wasn’t a room available.
What could we do? Happily, Maria thought of the perfect solution.
The wellness centre was quickly made ready for four, with beds, mattresses, pillows and clean sheets! Plus, of course, the relaxing scent of essential oils!

"The keys in the car"

Just listen to what we can do in the face of emergency! Yes, nothing fazes us here at the Bellettini Hotel!
It was a lovely warm evening at the end of June. Mario had already gone to have a rest, and so when a guest asked us to collect the car from the garage (he was going out for dinner), mother volunteered.
She drove onto the car-lift, performed all the necessary manoeuvres, got out of the vehicle, and… left the keys inside, not thinking that the central locking mechanism would activate.
She had only a few seconds to realise the keys were still inside before the car locked itself. What to do? We couldn’t let our guests miss out on their romantic dinner for two, so we paid for a taxi to take them to the restaurant.
Meanwhile, Rossella and her husband rushed off to Modena to get a duplicate key. This took just a few hours…and all’s well that ends well.
The best thing was that the car was a brand new Jaguar!