Escursioni a Milano Marittima


There’s another way to enjoy landscapes or your favourite sport, and to sample the genuine flavours of Romagna: it’s the slow way, in tune with nature, when your spirit finds wellbeing and equilibrium and your body is restored.
We belong to a group of entrepreneurs with one goal in mind: to promote our territory from another angle, exploring the more authentic side of Romagna, and sharing our passion for sport with our guests.


Slow sport involves exploring the local area in a different way.
This is why we came together with other entrepreneurs, with the aim of staging and promoting sports events and initiatives, out in the open air, accessible to all, and in perfect harmony with nature. We are sports enthusiasts ourselves and we want to communicate our passion and involve you in our activities.
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There are lots of different sports you can do with us! 
You can play golf, at one of the largest and best-known courses in the locality, the Adriatic Golf Club di Cervia, right by an ancient pine forest. It’s a huge green expanse with 27 holes, covering an area of almost 100 hectares. To this can be added an extra 9 holes, in a very original piece of design. The Club is less than 5 minutes away from our hotel.  
You can come out with us on your road bike or mountain bike, following the many routes between the coast and the hills; exploring the pine woods, or the Parco del Delta (Delta Park), a huge natural reserve of great importance and beauty. Or else, we could go on a delightful canoe or kayak trip through the Cervia saltpans, to admire the “white gold” and learn about its long history.  
If you enjoy walking and like to be out in natural surroundings, you can follow the paths through the pine-woods, or the fascinating routes through the dunes, woods and valleys of the Delta. These start from Milano Marittima and take you towards Ravenna.  Are you a Nordic Walking enthusiast? This area is ideal for walking with “poles”, so twice a week we leave the hotel together with our instructor, Donatella, and enjoy a pleasant, healthy walk along the sand (on our Beach 297) or in the pine-woods. We even go out at night!  


"Mens sana in corpore sano" right?
We like the best, freshest products and locally-sourced raw ingredients: that’s the only type of food that pleases our palates, and does justice to the traditional quality and goodness of our territory.  
For this reason, we use strictly seasonal, locally grown, organic produce in our kitchen. We also suggest that when you explore this area, you stop off at some of the many local hostelries around Cervia, Milano Marittima, Ravenna and Cesena, where the food has the same sort of authenticity and wholesome qualities as ours.  
One can’t explain the pleasure of good food!
You’ll just have to sample our cooking: it’s especially tasty after an excursion or taking exercise in the open air!